We admire those who are wealthy and powerful, but the people who rose from nothing to become great by using their intellect and determination to succeed are the ones who are respected the most. Some of these folks didn't even realize how much potential they possessed, but they didn't care; instead, they just worked hard and continued to work hard every day.

So how can we tell if we possess some of the qualities that can help us lead extraordinarily successful lives? You may already be displaying some of these promising indicators of future success, you're just not aware of it.

1. Under pressure, you can maintain composure and reason.

Have you ever thought that certain people tend to get overly worked up over trivial issues? Do you find it difficult to comprehend how certain people may start taking everything personally and allow themselves to become enraged? So you are one of the rare people who can maintain composure in the face of important conversations, dire events, and other pressures.

2. You are reliable and on time

Finding someone who constantly keeps their word and never arrives late for a meeting might be challenging. People that fit this description are highly respected by both their friends and the business community.

You can achieve tremendous heights if you are the kind of person that other people can rely on and if you can maintain a reasonable schedule that enables you to be extremely prompt.

3. You don't feel shy about expressing yourself

Many people find it uncomfortable to express their emotions to others since doing so makes them feel too exposed and vulnerable.

Nevertheless, if we take a closer look at some of the most popular and well-known modern artists, we can see that they consistently express their inner selves via their work and aren't hesitant to pursue their vision. Filmmakers with distinctive artistic styles, such as Wes Anderson, are referred regarded as auteurs. Similar to this, today's billionaire businesspeople have never shied away from speaking openly about their goals, even when they were inconvenient to others.

4. You consider failure to be a motivating factor and a tool for learning.

The common pitfall that most people experience is allowing yourself to be easily defeated. We all make mistakes occasionally, and sometimes we even fail badly while trying something new, but that doesn't mean we should start cursing and raising our fists to the skies and give up on life.

The people that succeed in life are those who learn from all of their errors along the way, use failure to fuel their desire to improve, and strive to be the best versions of themselves.

5. You maintain a tidy workspace.

Every time you hear someone who has achieved any amount of success talk about how they enjoy a chaotic environment, they most likely just have a very special filing system. Some people perform their best work while surrounded by thick stacks of paper or while switching back and forth between their phone and a laptop screen that has more than a dozen open tabs. There is, however, a method to their craziness if you look closely.

6. You have a strong sense of self-assurance.

You might not give much thought to your generally upbeat outlook on life or the fact that you are satisfied with who you are and where you are in life, but trust me when I say that confidence can shift the course of events completely.

You only need to believe in yourself to maintain motivation and keep your attention on your objectives. You have what it takes to be at least moderately successful if you don't minimize your abilities, don't let other people control you, speak up for yourself, and seize a chance when it arises.

7. You take care of your community

Confidence and fearlessness are characteristics that are frequently linked to alpha personalities, or natural leaders, however the most significant alpha character trait is empathy.

You did really hear correctly. To be a successful leader, one must be able to take care of the group and make sure that everyone has what they need to feel secure and respected.

A leader constantly aims to keep his followers generally content, even when doing so necessitates compromise, effective communication, quick thinking, and some difficult decisions. If you only think on yourself, you won't advance very far or you'll tumble back down just as quickly as you came up.

8. You don't feel self-conscious about seeking advice.

A humorous adage claims that males are too proud to ask for directions. Anyone who is lost and clueless but believes that asking for help is a sign of weakness is a complete moron. This may just be the free-spirited European upbringing speaking here.

I know there are some pretty fragile egos out there, but those who aren't afraid to ask for assistance and counsel will get through challenges much more quickly, get a ton of insightful information, and be able to utilize what they have learned in the future. You won't ever advance seriously if you have a false feeling of pride.

9. You don't depend on others to fulfill your needs.

There are people—both men and women—who just can't seem to get their act together, so they wait for the world to solve their problems for them. They will ask their friends, relatives, and even coworkers for help far too frequently, and they constantly gripe about the plethora of unimportant issues that prevent them from achieving their objectives.

On the other hand, successful individuals like to take charge of their own lives and accept accountability for their decisions and actions.

10. You want to get better.

Not everybody is really ambitious. They may be constrained by concerns that they are unable to overcome, they may lack imagination, or they may simply be lazy and accustomed to accepting less in exchange for ease of life.

Then there are others who are driven by a burning need to constantly grow, learn new things, acquire new talents, and give up some current fun and happiness in order to be happy later.

The latter group, which completes tasks one at a time, continuously becomes better over time.

If you exhibit some of these traits, you may very well possess a few hidden abilities that, if you can learn to tap into them, will help you accomplish some of your most important objectives. Even while it will still require a lot of time, effort, and possibly even luck, if you are already displaying some advantageous characteristics, you will undoubtedly have an advantage.

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