USAID teams arrive at the Incirlik base to assist Turkey's earthquake relief efforts.


According to the press release, the team consists of 159 people, 12 rescue dogs, and 77,110 kilograms (170,000 pounds) of specialized equipment. They will travel to the Adyaman province in coordination with the Turkish government.

The United States had previously deployed 79-person teams, in addition to personnel already on the ground, to support Turkish search and rescue efforts and to assist in meeting the needs of all those injured or displaced by the earthquake.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoan said Ankara has received aid offers from the international community, with at least 60 nations sending relief, medical aid, condolences, and prayers, in addition to NATO and the EU.

At least 9,057 people were killed, 52,979 were injured, and 6,444 buildings were destroyed in Monday's earthquakes, which are regarded as one of the worst disasters in modern history.

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